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The Incredible’s Test

The Incredible’s Test! 

Thanks for going through this amazing Marathon!

A movie marathon helps you improve your comprehension, reading, listening and writing!

It’s the full package!!

Let’s check your understanding!

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Write down the correct answer:

It was the first Pixar Movie with __________________

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What movies has a connection with The Incredibles?

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What was the Original Title?

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Who say’s, «Your identity is your most powerful possession. Protect it»?

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Which Villain appears at the end of the film?

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Ultimately Syndrome’s downfall is caused by:

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What is Jack-Jack’s super power?

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Who does babysitter Kari gets a backup sitter?

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When Frozone can’t find his super suit, where does his wife reveal they are going later that night?

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What’s the password to Syndrome’s Island computer system?

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On Syndrome’s remote island, a camera is hidden in a:

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Edna Mode gets security clearance into her lab with:

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Wich composer does the babysitter want to play for Jack-Jack?

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Helen Parr calls Edna Mode on the phone because she:

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Besides calling Mr. Incredible’s old super suit a «Hobo suit», what else does Edna Mode refer to it as:

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After Frozone and Mr. Incredible save civilians from a fire, where do they find themselves surrounded by police?

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What does Mr. Incredible’s boss, Mr. Hugh, compare his company to?

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What night of the week is «bowling night» for Frozone and Mr. Incredible?

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What’s Frozone’s first name?

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What’s Violet eating on leftover night?

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Who sees Bob Parr lift his own car in his driveway?

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Dash is called to the school office for:

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What’s Mr Incredible’s biggest fan name?

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Thanks for doing this test about the marathon!!

Take a screenshot of your results and send them to your group  «Homework»

Learning English is difficult but it’s also so much fun!

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