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See, look or watch?

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See, Look or Watch?

Hey there!! If you are here is because we’ve taught you how to tell the difference between «See, Watch and Look» (plus: Stare) so now it’s time for you to show us how much you learnt!

Making mistakes is normal, so no worries if you fail! That way, we’ll find a way to teach the topic even better!

Let’s get started!

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Complete the sentence:

Hey! What’s up? I’m Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana and you are __________ Disney Channel

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Which word do we use for something we do for a longer time?

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Choose the correct one

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Could you _______ my purse while I go to the restroom?

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

👨🏻  Hey, where are you?
🙋🏻‍♀️  I’m here in line, raising my hand!
👨🏻  I can’t _______ you!


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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Did you ________ your favourite series last night?

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Would you like to ____ a film at the cinema  tonight?

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Would you like to ____ a film at my house tonight?

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

You must better ____ at that map! I think you’re lost!

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Oh yes, I ____ what you mean.

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

Denny and Phil ____ good tonight.

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Choose «see», «watch» or «look»

You can’t ____ far in this fog.

Thanks for sitting you exam!!

Take a screenshot of your results and send them to your group  «Homework»

Learning English is difficult but it’s also so much fun!

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