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Difficult Situations

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Difficult Situations

Hey there!! ?

Based on the reading exercise, answer the following questions.

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You should only use one keyword in a single search. True or False?

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Inverted commas are useful to find something you’ve already seen. True or False?

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Words like ‘an’ are unhelpful in a search. True or False?

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If your keyword could refer to a lot of different things, you can’t avoid getting a long list of results. True or False?

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Small spelling mistakes aren’t important. True or False?

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Filter software is especially important for image searches. True or False?

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Some search engines give different results to different people. True or False?

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Some websites contain false information. True or False?

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Select the things you CAN do according to the text:

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Select the things you CANNOT do according to the text:

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